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World's Most Expensive Stamp - Swedish Yellow Treskilling Stamp Worth Over $7 Million

treskilling yellow stamp

On May 22nd the world's most expensive postage stamp will go on auction. When the dust settles, it is expected to fetch upwards of $7.4 million which will far surpass the value of any other postage stamp on the planet. It is widely believed that a Qing Dynasty postage stamp from China is the closest rival worth a paltry $331K. David Feldman the auctioneer claims this is the most expensive item in the world when you factor in size and weight.

Being “the world’s most expensive stamp” has far greater honour than the most costly item in any other field or domain, because it also takes the record for the most expensive material in the world by size, volume, weight and even density. At 0.02675 grams, selling at usd 2’300’000 in 1996, the “Treskilling Yellow” stamp would have a pro rata value of usd 70 billion per kilo! That figure outstretches the imagination beyond any comparable form of matter known to humankind. For those who consider postage stamps to be the last “bearer bonds,” able to transcend national boundaries and to be ignored by airport scanners (unlike platinum or gold, rubies or diamonds), this stamp could be considered the ultimate store of value. Conversely, to those who follow the market in works of art, where a Klimt sells for usd 136 million, the historic price of the “Treskilling Yellow” is hardly on the same plane - a relative bargain!
You can download the full auction brochure: [.PDF Brochure - The World’s Most Expensive Stamp]

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